Modified Bitumen Roofing Services

Modified Bitumen is known for its durability to counter foot traffic, wind, and storms. Mostly made up of tar and asphalt, it is also utilized in making torches. Modified Bitumen (MB) is asphalt that has modifiers added to it to give it a more plastic-like and rubber-like quality. Commonly employed list of modifiers being used is APP (Atactic Polypropylene), SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene), and FLIR Technology (Forward Looking Infrared). It is modified glass shaped to be blended into any intended shape. Such a property has a real advantage in covering up the roof entirely. It is a mixture of materials and roofing products that make the roof dense and flattens it to avoid any porous and rough surface structure.

modified bitumen roofing
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    Modified Bitumen Costs

    Modified Bitumen Roofing acts as a useful guide in getting you your desired result. We provide Modified Bitumen Roof installation, an eco-friendly roofing option for your commercial building. Such technology has been proved as very efficient in roofing systems since the early 1960s. Moreover, it can prevent any harsh climate changes with many years of warranty, for an estimate per sq. Foot commercial roof the cost lies in between $1.50 to $3.00 with labor and material installation cost. It is a thick layer with SPF control for the whole building structure. It is mainly useful for a low slope roofing system. The most significant ratio of satisfied customers is the oral evidence of our efficient service

    Benefits of Modified Bitumen Roofing

    Modified Bitumen Roof can be great in many ways, which include being durable to water, and heat resistant. The foam material is likely to adjust itself in harsh conditions as it holds the property of contraction and relaxation to decrease the chance of cracks and breakage. Bitumen Rubber is a versatile membrane that serves as the perfect solvent membrane on top of the roof. Bitumen Paints are used as general applications. Moreover, it works well, on concrete, masonry, brick, timber, cement sheeting, metals, aged Bitumen, and other building surfaces

    Seasonal maintenance checks are provided here at KOG Roofing to prevent any pre-existing breakage and damage to your roof. Even the slightest crack can prove harmful when neglected. It can turn into a far bigger severe problem. Your comfort is what we strive for, and our workers train limitless to provide you the best experience than any roofing company in the area. Our professional constructor is always ready to fulfill your roof needs, whenever any unexpected breakage results.

    modified bitumen roofing

    Low Slope Roofing

    The top choice for a flat and a low slope is Modified Bitumen Roof, which saves your business. It also protects the amount of share that is necessary for your much more prominent and higher investment. In return for the savings, it also expands your business in the long run. It saves extra charges, extra insulation, and another material installment for insulation. Economical in every way. Modified Bitumen Roofing is the top priority of our commercial roofing company

    Weather & Storm Damage

    KOG Roofing provides excellent solutions to tackle roof problems with Modified Bitumen techniques. Adequate quantity and quality of solvents are added to asphalt solutions to make its consistency tight and dense, such that it holds your roof in extreme weather changes. Modified Bitumen both varieties have a high rating in terms of tolerating fire, hail, and snow. It means that once it is installed, it will leave you relaxed for many years. It addresses every roof problem and every roof condition in the most suitable way than the rest. We provide a wide variety in terms of designs and material that is deemed to attract your tenant attraction in every way. Getting a roof repair done now from KOG Roofing is to save extra side charges in the future.


    It is a hundred percent environment friendly as it holds null ozone-depleting potential (ODP) and doesn't emit dangerous, volatile compounds into the atmosphere. It prevents the emission of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), global warming, and the greenhouse effect. In such a case, we can advise it to be an excellent healthy layer insulating your building. The quality of the product makes it even more useful for the roofing installation.

    modified bitumen hail damage

    Installation Process

    Modified Bitumen Roofing consists of two functional layers. One is called the “Base Sheet” and the second “Cap Sheet.” It is suitable for both residential and commercial roofing. All it takes is different materials, including wood, slate, metal, plastic, ceramic, and composite material such as asphalt. Asphalt is the most costly but gives better warranty ranging from 15 to 30 years. The best part is that it often comes with lifetime warranties. The repair is made even more comfortable with Modified Bitumen Roofing by KOG Roofing Company.

    We install by alternating layers of asphalt, tar, and supporting fabrics onto the roof. You can choose the number of layers (or plies) that are installed. The smooth, hard surface blocks all room for leakage. There is minimal upkeep, which would be needed after the installation—choosing any of the roofing standards to depend upon the customer to customer basis after our professional turn best of solutions towards you. 


    KOG Commercial Roofing provides customers with a variety of insulation to choose from to cover up your facility roof. Our well-trained workers add resistant chemicals in the whole process of padding, making the installation more and more robust than ever. These fire-retardant chemicals are our selected chemicals that confirm fire resistance in every way possible. The insulating and adhesive property makes your already installed damaged roof in the best shape than ever before.

    Our skilled roofers work hard to provide you with a very efficient diagnosis. We can tell which roof has its life span, warranty, condition, and structural strength. We are doctors to your ill roof and have all the medicines to make it healthy. KOG Roofing gives you a detailed account of all the real issues regarding your present roof and will also suggest possible repairs to do.

    Common Questions & Answers

    How will I Know if My Roof Needs Replaced?

    The average lifespan of the most common type of roof in America is asphalt. These roofs last around 20 years, but a roof can last much longer when maintained properly.

    If your roofing was installed over old material, you may expect a shorter lifespan. Also, adequate ventilation is important. If your ventilation is not good, this may shorten your roof's lifecycle.  If you notice excessive granules in the gutters on your home indicate the roof may need to be replaced. This is a sign the lifecycle of the shingles is coming to its end. You may notice the presence of dark spots on the roof. This may be a sign of granules that are falling off.

    Will a Repair Be Sufficient?

    We often get asked by homeowners if they can get by with a roof repair versus a roof replacement. At KOG Roofing, we want you to make a decision based on what’s best for you. There are a few key things to consider when choosing, such as how significant the repair needed, materials originally used, and the geographical location of the home.

    What Questions Should I ask My Roofing Contractor?

    As a homeowner, there are several key questions you want to ask your roofing contractor. For example, many people ask about the warranty on the roof. What a lot of people don't know is there actually is two different types of warranties. One covers the materials used and the other covers the labor and workmanship. Please read over your terms and conditions of each warranty. 

    What Should I Expect During a Roof Replacement?

    At KOG Roofing, we want you to have the best possible experience.  We work with you to make your roof replacement process as stress-free and fast as possible.  We have over 40 years of experience that you can leverage.  

    We are a full-service home improvement company. At KOG Roofing our focus is to provide a service that will protect your biggest investment, your home. Our roofing contractors fully certified by GAF and we are platinum Owens Corning preferred roofers. Types of roofing services we provide: 

    Roof Replacement 

    Roof Repair

    Tile Roofing

    Insurance Claim Assistance

    Commercial Roofing

    Flat Roofing

    EPDM Roofing

    TPO Roofing

    Asphalt Shingle Roofing

    Metal Roofing

    Gutter Installation 

    Shake roofing

    Modified Roofing

    Copper Roofing

    Home Siding