Gutter Installation Services - Find The Perfect Gutters for Your Home

Gutter install services find the right gutter for your home

There is no doubt in saying that gutters are one of the most important parts of a house. And everyone should install a gutter system to protect their house from water damage. So if you want to get more information regarding gutters, then this article is very beneficial for you. Let KOG Roofing show you everything about gutters that you should know, so make sure to read it till the end.

Types Of Gutters

Seamless Gutters

1- Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are very durable and they are made from a single aluminum coil, which reduces the chances of breakage and leakage. They are specially made to decrease the risk of mold, and dampness on your property. Apart from this, they are long-lasting and can also elevate the value of your home. If you talk about the cost of seamless gutter, then on average, it will cost $14 per linear foot. The majority of people spend around $2,250 for seamless gutter installation. However, they are slightly expensive than sectional gutters, but if you look at the wider picture, then they last longer, which makes them more cost-effective.

Advantages Of Seamless Gutters:

Seamless gutters are highly leak-proof and they are less likely to get clogged by dirt and debris and are easy to maintain. You won’t have to spend more time and effort cleaning. as they come with a heavy warranty of 20 years to lifelong. Also, they increase the value of your home

Disadvantages  Of Seamless Gutters:

Seamless are very difficult to install and require skills and experience, so you will have to hire professionals like KOG Roofing. However, seamless gutters provide extra protection but when it comes to purchase and installation, they are more expensive.

sectional gutter services

Sectional Gutters

As the name suggests, sectional gutters are made by joining different sections by using connectors. They have end caps, drop outlets, and corner pieces for connecting or attaching to the down downspouts. Sectional gutters are easy to install, which is the main reason why they are so popular among DIY fans.

Benefits Of Sectional Gutters:

If installed properly, then sectional gutters look amazing and can easily improve the elegance of your property. They are available in different colors, so you can easily choose one that suits your home they are smoother on the inside, which enables the water to flow smoothly

Disadvantages Of Sectional Gutters:

Sectional gutters feature corner pieces and joining areas, which makes them more prone to leakage they require a lot of material in the installation process, which increases their weight

Gutter Installation Cost

The gutter installation cost depends on many factors such as the type of materials you are choosing, and the company you are working with. For example- if you install a new aluminum gutter, then it will cost you around $4 to $8 (per linear foot). And if you go with cheaper options like vinyl gutters, then it will cost you around $3 to $6 (per linear foot). In other words, if you have a standard home that has 150 to 200 ft. gutters, then you might have to pay around $600 to $1600 to complete the installation.

The minimum cost is $571. The national average cost is $1,065, and the maximum cost is around  $5,272. The national average range is $665 to $1,656.

Gutter Prices And Materials

Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl Gutters

These types of gutters are perfect for people who want a lightweight gutter system. They are also cheaper and doesn’t leak or break easily. Vinyl gutters cost between $3 to $6 per linear foot and the total cost to install vinyl gutters is around $1,060.

Steel Gutters

Steel Gutters

Steel gutters are one of the most durable gutters, but they also require extra care. They are very flexible and are a perfect option for windy areas. Steel gutters cost $6 to $9 per linear foot and the total cost to install steel gutters is around $1,179.

Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters are the most popular and they are well-known for their durability and anti-rusting capabilities. The only problem with aluminum gutters is that can crack in the colder areas. Other than this, they are excellent and can last for more than 30 years. Aluminum gutters cost $4 to $8 per linear foot and the total cost to install steel gutters is around $957.

Copper Gutters

Copper Gutters

When it comes to the best materials for gutters, copper is always on the top. Unlike other materials, it doesn’t break and have a longer lifespan. Copper is an expensive material and is generally used for premium high-end homes. Copper gutters cost $15 to $28 per linear foot and the total cost to install steel gutters is around $4,473.

Cost Of Downspouts And Other Products



A downspout acts like a tunnel that catches the rainfall and directs it away from your property to prevent any kind of water damage to your walls, roofs, landscape, and the foundation. The general rule is that a downspout must be placed for every 35ft. of the gutter. On average, downspout costs around $3 to $5 per linear foot.

Gutter Elbows

The number of gutter elbows you will need will depend on the type of house you have. If your gutter is straight from the top to bottom, then you will need at least one gutter elbow to redirect the downpipe towards the wall. On average, gutter elbows cost around $5 to $7 per piece.

Gutter Hangers Or Brackets

Gutters hangers have a vital role in attaching the gutter to the roof. Their main function is to provide, protection and stability to the entire gutter. They help gutters stay in place and provide them support to handle additional water weight. On average, gutter hangers cost around $3 to $5 per piece.

Gutter Flashing

The main purpose of gutter flashing is to cover or secure the gap from the shingles to the gutter. They prevent the water from drubbing back, which is very important to protect the gutter from rot and decay. On average, gutter flashings cost around $4 per piece.

Splash Guards

Gutter splash guards are responsible to stop water from overshooting the gutter. They divert the water from the foundation of your house, which keeps you house free from water damage. In short, they keep the water flow in one direction, and also prevent mud stains from your house. On average, gutter splash guards cost around $8 per piece.

Gutter Length

The gutter length also depends on the design of your house. A 1,500 square foot house needs around 160 feet of gutters. Now roof design also has a main role in determining the length of gutter you need. For example- some homes only require gutter along the back and front roofline. On the flip side, your home will require gutters along the entire edge, if it is not rectangular.

Gutter Replacement Cost

If you want to replace your gutter, then it will cost you over $10 per linear foot. Along with this, if the gutter requires cleaning and disposal, then you might have to spend more money. Though if you are installing the same type of gutter and the gutter hangers are in good condition, then it will decrease the final cost.

Decorative downspouts

Additional Cost Factors

Wire Mesh Screens

If you want to protect your gutters in a cheaper way, then wire mesh screens are perfect for you. They are the cheapest gutter guards that cost around $1 per square foot. They are a great way to keep your gutter protected from different clogging elements such as sticks, pests, leaves, etc.

Gutter Cleaning Cost

On average, the gutter cleaning cost around $150. So if you don’t have enough experience, then you can contact a professional cleaning company to clean your gutter. The majority of people spend around $110 to $190 in cleaning their gutters. If you have a two or three-story house, then it will take more time to install the gutter. Along with this, multiple story homes require longer downpipes, which increase the overall cost as you will have to pay $1 per foot extra than the price mentioned in the cost guide.

Heat Tape

A single box of heat tape can cover 40 feet, which means that if you have a 1,500 square foot house, then you will need four packs of heat cable, which will cost you around $220. However, the average cost of heat tape is around $55 per 100 feet but if you reside in a colder place, then you should take extra measures to prevent your gutter from blockage during snowfalls.

Maintaining Your Gutters

If you want to protect your gutter from damage, then you should take proper safety measures. If you have trees around your house, then you be should very careful during the autumn season. In this season, trees lose their leaves, which can block the gutter. Apart from this, if the trees are very near, then you should do something to protect your gutter from the falling branches. Though if you don’t have time for maintenance, then you should consider a gutter cleaning to maintain and clean your gutter.

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Common Questions About Gutters For Your Home

How Much Do Gutters Cost?

On average, $4 to $30 per linear foot, which depends on the type of materials used. Vinyl is the cheapest at $3-6 ft, and materials such as aluminum or copper can range from $4-30 ft. 

Are Seamless Gutters Worth the Price?
Seamless Gutters Cost

When compared to traditional gutters, seamless gutters are more expensive. However, many homeowners think seamless gutters cost is worth the price because seamless gutters are easier to maintain.

Which Type of Gutter is the Best?

Stainless Steel and aluminum gutters are considered two of the best types of gutters because they are cost-efficient, easy to maintain, and last a very long time.

What Can I Use Instead of Gutters?
Most homes use regular gutters, but you don't have too. There are several different options you can choose:
  • Rain Chains
  • Rain Dispersal Systems
  • Grading
  • Drip Edge
  • French Drain
  • Drip Path
  • Built-in Gutters