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KOG Roofing is committed to customer service and product excellence, using only GAF commercial roofing products.  We leverage all of our knowledge and experience to complete your commercial or industrial roofing project in a professional manner and on time. Our commercial roofers at KOG Roofing are experts and will never compromise the craftsmanship or quality of service we provide. Contact us today for a roofing inspection. 

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Tarrant County Commerical Roofing Applications

There are many different commercial roofing products available, which makes it important to work with knowledgeable roofing contractors who can explain the benefits of different roofing materials.

Because there are a wide variety of materials and applications available, this can cause making a decision difficult. The advantage is these provide business owners with many options for roof replacement, repairs, and new installations.  Our services include:

  • Churches

  • Office buildings

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Multi-unit housing structures

  • Apartment buildings

  • Schools

  • Municipal buildings

  • Condominiums

  • Warehouses

  • Malls

KOG Roofing is proud to provide commercial businesses or residents with flat-roofed living spaces with roof replacements, repairs, and preventative maintenance programs.


Most Popular Type of Commercial Roofing in Dallas Fort Worth

Single-ply roofing has become a more popular choice over the past few years for flat roof opinions. A single-ply membrane roof is made of flexible sheets of polymer, thermoplastics, and rubber. The most common type of application is to adhere to the membrane with glue seams and or flashings.  But can also be ballasted, mechanically attached, and retrofitted.  This is always a good solution for your commercial roofing needs.


Types of Commerical Roofing in Fort Worth


Flat roofs or low-slope roof systems are designed to meet a broad range of waterproofing needs. Below are some examples:

  • Built-Up Roofing

  • This type of roof is one of the oldest & most reliable applications.
  • Modified Bitumen

  • Know for its superior waterproofing characteristics.  This application is superior if you live in a harsh wet climate.
  • EPDM Roof Systems

  • One of the most durable types of roofs on the market, but has a dark surface and can attract heat. EPDM is a better cost-effective solution than TPO and PVC.
  • TPO

  • Has one of the best longevity ratings and are built to last. TPO roofing is highly resistant to chemicals and UV rays.
  • PVC

  • Single-ply membranes designed for low slope roofing. PVC roofs are made to be chemical and UV ray resistant.
  •  Flat Metal Roofing

  • Offers the benefits of energy efficiency and low maintenance.
  • Asphalt Roofing

  • One of the most affordable roofing options with any colors and style to choose from.

Ft. Worth Commercial Roof Maintenance

Roof inspections should be performed regularly by trained roofing professionals. The best time to have a roof inspection is once in the spring and again in the fall.  Finding issues and problems early makes roofing repairs manageable before they become bigger and serious concerns.

Roofing inspections and maintenance should also be performed after extreme weather such as hailstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. When damage is detected you want your roof repaired as soon as possible.  This is to ensure and protect the structural integrity of your home or building.

What Does Commercial Roofing Mean?

Commercial Roofing using roofing products to seal the roofs of the commercial structures in order to protect them.  Also, popular commercial roofing is the flat roofing.

How much does EPDM roofing cost?

In general, you should expect the EPDM roofing cost to be between $3 and $6 per square foot. For an average-sized roof of 1,500 square feet, that's a total cost of around $4,600 to $9,000. Installing EPDM roofing on a small area, because it involves more detailed work, might cost up to $10 and up per square foot.

How many layers can you have on a flat roof?

On most flat roofs like EPDM, TPO, or modified it is okay to have two layers of roofing. However, in almost all areas it is not acceptable to install more than two layers of roofing on any commercial or industrial building.

What are the different types of commercial roofs?

The most reliable and most common commercial and industrial roofing materials and systems are PVC, TPO, EPDM, and metal roofing. 

What are the most popular roofing styles for commercial buildings?

The most popular roof types for commercial buildings are flat, low sloped, and pitched roofs.

Texas Commercial Roofing vs. Residential Roofing

A residential roof is usually asphalt shingle, periodically concrete tile, depending upon the environment, and some other less popular products. Asphalt shingle is by far the most popular roof choice for domestic roofs.

Industrial or commercial roof includes the use of more durable products. These materials include polyurethane foam, repair coverings. The most used roofing product is single-ply, these include:

  • TPO

  • PVC

  • EPDM

  • Customized Bitumen

  • Concrete

  • Built-up

  • Tar and Gravel & More

The bottom line, there are substantially more industrial readily available roofing products than there are domestic. This suggests you as the building owner, you require to do more research prior to making a purchase or repair work concerning your roofing system.

Dallas Fort Worth Commerical Roofing Installation

The installation of a commercial roof is considerably different than that of a residential project.  The most considerable distinction is the time of the setup. Industrial roofing systems can take up to a month to set up, while the majority of domestic roofing systems can be carried out in a day or 2. The timeframe for a commercial roof is partially dependant on the size of the structure, as industrial roofing tends to be much larger than domestic. Industrial roofs are typically more complicated and complicated to set up. They frequently need several days of waiting for the material to treat, settle, be glued.

Finding the Right Commercial Roofing Company in Texas

Commercial roofs vary from residential roofs in how typical maintenance or repairs with the roofing systems are resolved. Most commercial projects involve flat roofing contractors. If you have a roof leak on a residential home, it is normally is just a quick spot repair. If your industrial roofing has a leakage, it might require to spot repair the location, or you might require to use a finish to the whole roofing system! The leakage might be a sign of larger issues needing a roof replacement, or you might merely just require new flashings.

Conclusion - KOG Roofing Roofing Fort Worth

If you having problems with your industrial roofing system, throw away the majority of what you learn about a roofing system on a house. The methods you use to repair, replace, and service on a commercial roofing system is much different. The commercial roof and how you set up the roofing system differs significantly. If you have more concerns, get in touch with KOG Roofing, we will take care of you! Give us a call today (817) 501-2727